Prizeware, Trophies and Corporate Gifts

Mythical Figures

And horoscope figures, the Hoselton range includes mythical figures from North America as well as the Chinese horoscope and astrological figures, from Kokopelli a trickster god to angels and dragons.


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Hoselton Collection

Each Hoselton sculpture from Hanover House is unique, no two pieces are the same. Individually hand crafted in pure aluminium to a stunning non tarnish silver silky finish, each piece takes more than eight days to produce.

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Looking and feeling like solid silver, these non tarnish, tactile sculptures are all signed to provide unique prizeware to commemorate that special event…

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Golf Tournaments whether Corporate or Club events, all have presentations, of prizeware to commemorate the championship, golfing awards and trophies

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Motor Vehicles

All can be personalised to mark the occasion so whether it’s the ‘Top Achiever’ or ‘First off the Mark’ these pieces have a wide range appeal to motoring enthusiasts.

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The non tarnish finish makes them ideal as gifts for the connoisseur as well as prizes for powerboat racing. No two are the same so they become a very special prize indeed.

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Marine Life

The marine life collection provides unusual gifts and collectable items for those who are looking for something different.

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Sports Figures

These sculptures cover a wide range of sporting activities from football through to ice hockey.

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Great Gift Ideas

At the Hoselton Studio they have been making aluminium sculptures for 40 years, as a result there are a wide range of pieces which do not always fall easily into a given category so this grouping has been formed…


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Birds & Animals

The Canadian roots of the Hoselton sculpture range can be found amidst the many Birds & Animals which are portrayed in a myriad of graceful pieces looking and feeling like solid silver…

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